Performing at LovecraftNYC

Aaaaaahhhh! I’m so late on posting this. It’s seriously been ages! Did you miss me? 🙂

So, a few weeks ago, SetNYC reached out to me on Instagram (yes, social media can lead to opportunities, woot!) and asked me to play at LovecraftNYC for a benefit concert. Proceeds went to Freedom Ladder to raise awareness about depression.

My guitarist and I first preformed a new song of mine call Quicksand. It’s a ballad about depression (appropo for this event). I wrote the song about two years ago or less about a particularly difficult time in my life. That depression was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. It really felt like I was drowning in quicksand, no matter how hard I tried to fight it. I think it’s easy to feel alone when suffering with depression, which is why I felt the need to share my song – so other people would know that they’re understood and not alone.

The second song I performed was If I Had a Penny. It was an awesome experience, and I’m so glad SetNYC invited me to sing! I can’t wait to get back out and perform again.